I’m off to Play your Tuscany!

Cut the Kitsch

Four weeks ago, I was selected as a blogger for Play your Tuscany, which means for 4 days I’ll be touring the best of Tuscany’s sea and nature!


As I fall asleep, I’m already envisioning the delicious Italian dinners and other fortuitous moments that Italy will inspire. If you’ve read the itinerary (on the site), you’ve notice this isn’t your average tour to Tuscany!

You can follow my journey on Twitter and most recently, my newborn Instagram account, akfrisky.

The best part: you, too, can apply for a future date with Play your Tuscany!

*On a seperate blogger’s note, I was recently published online with the Cultureist. My article’s catchy (and perhaps wordy) title, “Forget Sangria, Madrid’s Craft Brewery Trail is Reviving the City’s Thirst for Inspiration.” It is, in the least, 300 additional words as why you should come visit Spain’s capital right now.


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Exploring Tuscany

The Old Man's Tale(s)

Many people go for drives in the country on Sunday, but few have the good fortune to take them in Tuscany. Much of Tuscany resembles a man-made garden: collections of vineyards, groves of olive trees, or fields of sunflowers flow over rolling hills that are interrupted now and then by small, ancient villages. Often on the summits of the hills one sees a row of cypress or umbrella pines. What a place for a drive!


Florence (Firenze in Italian) was one of our Sunday destinations. Those of you who have visited Florence have probably struggled through throngs of tourists to visit its many splendors. Imagine walking it streets on a Sunday and encountering relatively few tourists, let alone people. Olive went there with my brother on a weekday and did see many people going about their business, but Florence was hardly crowded.

Of the many sights to see, two…

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