Hut of Brooms in Tuscany- Cappannelle – Castiglion Fibocchi


In harmony with the nature and the landscape of Tuscany we did a hut of brooms as storage for Holiday House Cappannelle. The end result is amazing as you can see we have “The Most beautiful hut of brooms” of Castiglion Fibocchi (La più bella capanna di scope di Castiglion Fibocchi – Cappannelle)

It is not a simple dog it is simply Chicco



Chicco is the dog of Bianchi Family. It was born in Tuscany in the winter 2012, exactly on 16th january 2012. The meaning of the name is SWEET. All guests of Cappannelle Holiday House love him. And they call him with a english accent and they pronounce its name “Kikko” or “kicco”. It is a true STAR and my second daughter Alice is its best friend.

There are many stories about him. In the summer 2012 while an english family from Bath was arriving for a dinner with us, it did pee, for the big joy, on the leg of the english madame…. we were embarassed for this.

In september 2012 when Karin, a painter from New York City, came for 2 months from us, Chicco found another friend. Every day they met for playing together.

And all little children loved and love him, You can see from the pictures:



Best Supporting Actor






Top 10 herbs to cook Italian- 2. Rosemary= Rosmarino

Toscana Mia Blog


“An herb is the friend of physicians and the praise of cooks.” (- Charlemagne)

Rosemary better to be used fresh as desiccated leaves loose flavor.


To strip the leaves from a woody sprig, simply hold the stem in one hand and remove the leaves using the finger and thumb of the other hand, pushing against the direction of the growth


Rosemary’s pungent flavor complements fatty meats particularly well, When grilling, toss a sprig or two of fresh rosemary onto the coals to add a wonderfully intense smokiness to your meats.You can use a woodier branch from the plant as to brush oil on grilling meat. On grilling a lamb it’s compulsory as its aromatic smells eliminates the characteristic sheep smell.


Rosemary in marinades, or as an accent for Mediterranean vegetables. Great in some tomato sauces. Pay attention not to use too much especially in summer when it can be too…

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Dinner with French guests – Tarte tatin what a surprise!

Cappannelle Guests from Montpellier (France)Guess who came to dinner?

Last Saturday evening , on 22th march 2014, we offered a traditional Tuscan dinner to our guests of the Cappannelle Holiday House from Montpellier (France), a young couple very friendly and kind.

Every time is like to do a little trip in world. It’s a big opportunity to speak about the life of our guests and know their culture as well as our life in Tuscany

Marusca (my wife) and Graziella my mom) prepared a tuscan dinner for them. The menù was simple but at the same time amazing:

  • Crostini Neri (starters)
  • Homemade Macaroni
  • Roast chicken
  • Salad
  • Cantuccini and Vin Santo
  • ….. Tirami su!

Chianti Wine made from my Dad Renato and an italian coffee!!

……..but the real surprise was the gift of our guests …. infact they prepared a wonderful Tarte Tatin for eating together…….

And only in this moment we knew of the story of the sisters Tatin that for a mistake they invented one of the most famous french cakes.

The Tarte Tatin is a classic sweet French tradition was born at the beginning of the century, thanks to the inventiveness of his sisters Caroline and Stephanie Tatin albergatrici to Loret -Cher , France.

In fact it seems that , as usually happens , this delicious cake is born because (it would be better to say thanks ) of a mistake.
The two Tatin sisters , they had two different roles in the hotel , while the young Carolina was responsible for welcoming customers , Stephanie , cook, took care of the kitchen : Particularly appreciated was his delicious apple pie.
Legend has it that , on a day when the hotel was full of hunters who were waiting to have lunch , Stephanie noticed that you have not prepared her apple pie , without panicking ran into the kitchen , buttered and sprinkled with sugar a pan , put us in apples and it baked . Only after he realized he had not lined the pan with the pasta brisa ! Once again Stephanie took the situation in hand , covered the pan with a single layer of dough and put it in the oven . The story ends , of course, with a happy ending : in fact finished cooking , Stephanie threw the cake on a plate and brought it in the room where he was literally devoured . She was born as the tarte tatin . Subsequently , since the discrete success , the tarte tatin was adopted by the famous Parisian restaurant Maxim ‘s, which made ​​it one of its strong points . Today it is one of the most popular desserts in France and is inevitable in Brasseries and restaurants , from the most modest to the most luxurious .

Video of GialloZafferano:

Your holiday c/o Little Love Nest Apartment in Castiglion Fibocchi – Arezzo – Italy – Suggestions

Marusca Cacioli

I am writing You for giving You some suggestions for Your trip in Tuscany and Umbria.

Consider that the apartment is located in Castiglion Fibocchi, a little village (approx. 2.000 inhabitants) close to the city of Arezzo which You can reach by car in 15 minutes.

The location is very central in Tuscany and with the car You car easily reach the most beautiful part in Tuscany and also in Umbria.

For what concerns Tuscany, first of all I give You some advices for the places You can visit just around the apartment:

Il Borro : at approx. 4-5 km from the apartment (10 minutes from the apartment by car); a medieval Tuscan village built with patience, hundreds of years ago, where every architectural detail was meticulously planned, has been restored to the likes of a renaissance painting where You can also visit a very beautiful vinery (;

– if You are interested in tasting wine, I can also recommend a beautiful vinery close to our apartment (just 1,5-2 km, 5 minutes by car) named “Tenuta La Pineta”, the owner is a friend of mine and if You take an apointment with him You can make a tour of the vinery, taste a very good wine and also olive oil and honey (

– Arezzo, my city, at approx. 12 km (15 minutes by car) where You can visit the city centre: Piazza Grande (the most beautiful square of the city), the Cathedral, the beautiful Pieve (Romanesque church) and the Church of San Francesco with the frescoes of Piero della Francesca. On the road from Castiglion Fibocchi to Arezzo You can also visit “Ponte Buriano” a romanic bridge which according to the latest studies seems to have inspired Leonardo da Vinci in the painting “La Gioconda”.

– Cortona at approx. 40 km (50 minutes by car) a very beautiful Etruscan village: You can visit his Etruscan walls, ancient churches and museum. Close to Cortona we recommend to visit the Etruscan tumulus tombs , the most antique form of buria and also Lake Trasimeno.

Then if You go a little bit far:

– Florence (approx. 80 km from the apartment …. 1 hour by car): surely one of the must in Tuscany really beautiful and with a lot o place to visit such as the Cathedral, Ponte Vecchio, Palazzo Vecchio and the museum of Uffizi (;

Siena (approx. 60 km .. 1 hour by car): really very beautiful with is Cathedral and with Piazza del Campo the most beautiful square where every year (twice per year) takes place the “Palio” a famous horse race.

– All the Chianti Area, the countryside around Siena, where it is really beautifull also going around with the car and where You can visit beautiful place such as Radda in Chianti, Greve in Chianti,

– Montepulciano, very famous for the “Nobile” wine where there are several wineries to visit . I give You the address of a web site, in English (, where You can find a list of wineries in Montepulciano area and if interested chose what to visit.
– In Siena area we also recommend You to visit San Gimignano ( and Pienza (for his famous cheese).
For Umbria, some suggestions are:
– Perugia (;
– Assisi which is the place where San Francis was borne:
I give You also a link to a web site where some touristic itineraries are suggest for Umbria region:
I hope my suggestions could help You in organizing Your visit in Italy, I remain however at Your disposal for any other information You may need, do not hesitate to contact me.
In any case I will contact You few days before Your arrival in order to give You all latest information for reaching our apartment.
Kind regards,


Holidays Apartments
Via Vecchia Aretina, 7 
52029 Castiglion Fibocchi - Arezzo

Mobile Marusca +39 3490676780
Mobile Gianni + 39 3477911058
Web Site:

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Enjoy your holiday in Tuscany

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Love for the Italian Coffee

Italian Coffee: a true passion!


Welcome to our page where we explain how to make italian coffee . This page is dedicated primarily to those who would make a good coffee Italian Coffee in our Holiday House in Tuscany “Cappannelle” and in our Little Love Nest.

Nothing like a good cup of coffee can to remind Italians their homeland. If you are traveling abroad desperately want an espresso, the taste is as close as much as possible, to what I am used to drink in Italy. Italians love to talk about coffee as something that belongs to them, forgetting that they are other nations that have introduced, as well as other are those who produce it and distribute it. And in the same way seem to forget that there are different ways to prepare coffee, or better, while being aware of the existence of Turkish coffee, soluble than American coffee along French believe that the only acceptable way and can to enhance the better the taste is theirs; espresso coffee is that, while not forgetting the brewed coffee at home with the so-called “moka”. They have made the word “espresso”, derived from the machines to prepare and “moka”, from the city of Yemen.

Tools to make the Italian Coffee

To prepare a good coffee at home with moka you must have the following tools:

  1. Coffee Maker
  2. Good Coffee
  3. Spring Water
  4. Cup of Coffee

1. Coffee Maker  2. Good Coffee 3. Spring Water  4. Cup of Coffee

Coffee Machine

The coffee maker of “moka” type and ‘composed of three basic parts:

  • A. the boiler, whose function and’ to accommodate the water;
  • B. the filter, which must be placed in the coffee ‘;
  • C. the collection tank, in which the coffee ‘that comes out is collected. The machine must be treated with care.

The boiler is provided with a safety valve if the pressure rise excessively due to clogging of the filters.
On the lower part of the pot is placed a small filter that prevents the coffee powder to finish in the pot together with a drink.
This filter is held in place by a seal which also has the purpose of avoiding losses between the base and the jug when questei are screwed together.




How to make Italian Coffee

Making coffee with mokamoka-pot-2 The rules for making coffee with mocha are relatively simple.
1 – fill of cold water, the boiler of the moka, the level should not exceed the safety valve. If the tap water is very hard or not good to drink, better to use natural mineral water;

2 – Position the filter and fill it with mocha coffee, without pressing, but only smoothing with a spoon. Eviatare to overfill the filter, otherwise the excess coffee can ruin the seal prematurely;
3 – screw the coffee maker without forcing it, put it on low heat and wait until the coffee starts to flow. The high heat decreases the infusion time, wanting to save time, you can keep the high heat just to heat the water, then turn it down before it begins to boil;
4 – turn off the coffee maker before all the coffee has run out, when the liquid begins to present hints of foam. The last coffee that comes out, is increasingly diluted and of low quality.
The most important points are the first three, the last is a detail a bit ‘purists and implies a particular attention, because you have to be in front of the coffee maker to control when the coffee spout and turn it off in time, in other words you lose the convenience of “feel” when it’s ready coffee thanks to the classic hum issuing the mocha coffee as she leaves the last.
Many will lift the lid of the coffee maker to prevent condensation from falling into the coffee. I highly doubt that a few drops of condensation (if it was to fall in coffee) can dilute the coffee significantly (if you do not believe you do a blind test and scientifically solve the issue), I honestly prefer a coffee diluted with a few drops water rather than soil the stove every time I prepare a cup of coffee!


It is recommended to be very careful in the choice of coffee ‘.
If you want to save on the mixture, you should buy one soluble (and so ‘equal bad!) If you intend to make a cup of coffee’ long, you should not do it.
Buy it ground well, but it would be preferable if you have the necessary beans to grind.

Very important factor in the success of coffee ‘and’ water. This must ‘be sufficiently pure to ensure the natural flavor of fine drink. It is recommended to be very careful in the choice of coffee ‘.
If you want to save on the mixture, you should buy one soluble (and so ‘equal bad!) If you intend to make a cup of coffee’ long, you should not do it.
Buy it ground well, but it would be preferable if you have the necessary beans to grind.

We recommend the use of spring water or in his absence a natural mineral.

Typically the coffee ‘is served in a special container called cup. This includes functionality ‘and aesthetics and that if preheated eliminates heat loss of the valuable leachate.

Pour the water source heads’ described inside the boiler, until it has reached a level slightly lower than that of the valve.

Place the filter inside the boiler with elegant movement and delicate.

WARNING: Because the difficulties’ objective connected it is recommended to do so only trained and qualified personnel.

Fill the filter and adjust properly the coffee ‘with the edge of the spoon.

do not ever press the coffee ‘with a spoon, but follow the instructions on the next page.

Place the coffee ‘with the edge of the spoon, until obtaining a light dome. This will allow ‘to get the right pressing of coffee’ and the perfect adherence of the same to the upper filter after the screwing of the collection tank.

Tighten the machine in order to avoid leakage of steam and water in her ascent in the soul.

Turn on the flame and place the adjusting knob of the gas near the delivery minimum. This allows you to get to a boil and adjust to a step slow and uniform water through the coffee. ‘

Wait for the coffee ‘escape producing the typical foam, the classic final gurgle and the incomparable aroma.

ATTENTION: turn off the coffee ‘immediately after the foam to avoid unpleasant sensations of burning.

Turn the coffee ‘before you drink it, in order to homogenize the most’ dense out first with the more ‘light that comes out in the end. If this and ‘unimportant in a machine of one, is crucial for machines for greater capacity.

Pour the coffee ‘in the cup already prepared. Better if heated.

Taste voluptuously in short sips wonderful beverage prepared. The character assumed by bitter coffee ‘is typical of this type of preparation.

To enjoy the best the product you are strongly advised not to use sugar. However, because of natural bitter taste of coffee ‘produced with the “mocha”, those who wish can’ add sugar to taste.
MODE ‘Advanced OF USE SUGAR: allows a rich lather over coffee’. First, prepare a glass with sugar needed to satisfy the audience.
Take the first drops of coffee ‘coming out of the pot and pour in the sugar.

E ‘need to pay only the first drops, which are the most’ dense.

Pour the first drops in the sugar making sure to leave a compound in which the prevalence of sugar in coffee ‘represents the smallest part.

Turn vigorously with the help of a spoon until you get a creamy dense, saturated with sugar and light brown.
The mixture should look like this and this consistency.

Creminina put in the cup and pour the coffee. ‘ You get so ‘a rich and cream moving surface.
The machine must only be rinsed with water and left to dry.
WARNING: never wash with soap.

To make sure the coffee ‘a lingering aroma we recommend storage in the refrigerator, after proper sealing.

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