Dinner with French guests – Tarte tatin what a surprise!

Cappannelle Guests from Montpellier (France)Guess who came to dinner?

Last Saturday evening , on 22th march 2014, we offered a traditional Tuscan dinner to our guests of the Cappannelle Holiday House from Montpellier (France), a young couple very friendly and kind.

Every time is like to do a little trip in world. It’s a big opportunity to speak about the life of our guests and know their culture as well as our life in Tuscany

Marusca (my wife) and Graziella my mom) prepared a tuscan dinner for them. The menù was simple but at the same time amazing:

  • Crostini Neri (starters)
  • Homemade Macaroni
  • Roast chicken
  • Salad
  • Cantuccini and Vin Santo
  • ….. Tirami su!

Chianti Wine made from my Dad Renato and an italian coffee!!

……..but the real surprise was the gift of our guests …. infact they prepared a wonderful Tarte Tatin for eating together…….

And only in this moment we knew of the story of the sisters Tatin that for a mistake they invented one of the most famous french cakes.

The Tarte Tatin is a classic sweet French tradition was born at the beginning of the century, thanks to the inventiveness of his sisters Caroline and Stephanie Tatin albergatrici to Loret -Cher , France.

In fact it seems that , as usually happens , this delicious cake is born because (it would be better to say thanks ) of a mistake.
The two Tatin sisters , they had two different roles in the hotel , while the young Carolina was responsible for welcoming customers , Stephanie , cook, took care of the kitchen : Particularly appreciated was his delicious apple pie.
Legend has it that , on a day when the hotel was full of hunters who were waiting to have lunch , Stephanie noticed that you have not prepared her apple pie , without panicking ran into the kitchen , buttered and sprinkled with sugar a pan , put us in apples and it baked . Only after he realized he had not lined the pan with the pasta brisa ! Once again Stephanie took the situation in hand , covered the pan with a single layer of dough and put it in the oven . The story ends , of course, with a happy ending : in fact finished cooking , Stephanie threw the cake on a plate and brought it in the room where he was literally devoured . She was born as the tarte tatin . Subsequently , since the discrete success , the tarte tatin was adopted by the famous Parisian restaurant Maxim ‘s, which made ​​it one of its strong points . Today it is one of the most popular desserts in France and is inevitable in Brasseries and restaurants , from the most modest to the most luxurious .

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Italie: 5 coups de coeur en Toscane

Ajoutez votre grain de sel personnel… (facultatif)

Globe Raconteuse

1) Louer une maison :

Pour découvrir la Toscane, rien de tel que de louer une maison ou une villa; ce qui permet de rayonner aisément dans la région et de vivre comme les locaux… De cette façon, on apprend à connaître les commerces et les gens du coin. Lorsqu’on voyage en famille (ou quelques couples ensemble), cette formule permet aussi d’économiser sur l’hébergement et les repas; ce qui ne nous empêche pas de goûter les spécialités locales, qui nous sont proposées dans les vinothèques, les boulangeries et les marchés locaux.

De notre côté, nous avons loué une maison à Castiglion Fibocchi: un petit village situé dans la région du Val d’Orcia (à une dizaine de kilomètres de la ville d’Arezzo). Cet emplacement central nous a permis de rejoindre aisément les villages de Montepulciano et Cortona, la région du Chianti, de même que Florence, Sienne et Pise…

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