Cappannelle: New Vineyard in Castiglion Fibocchi

Step 8 Last works  – September 2016

Step 7 Soil plowing  – August 2016

Step 6 Leveling the field – July 2016

Step 5 Collection of old vines – June 2016

Step 4 The ground after the first plowing – June 2016


Step 3 Remove the plant vines with tractor – May 2016

Step 2 The Old Vine Plants cutted – April 2016

Step 1  We begin to cut the old vine plants – March 2016


Hut of Brooms in Tuscany- Cappannelle – Castiglion Fibocchi


In harmony with the nature and the landscape of Tuscany we did a hut of brooms as storage for Holiday House Cappannelle. The end result is amazing as you can see we have “The Most beautiful hut of brooms” of Castiglion Fibocchi (La più bella capanna di scope di Castiglion Fibocchi – Cappannelle)

Our Little Love Nest

Waiting in our Little Love Nest in Tuscany. See you and Love.


So recently we have been talking about our little love nest….

After going through so much, especially with Hong Kong and the little week of couple time we had, we have been talking about our own love nest…

Hopefully in the near future, that plan and dream will be fulfilled.

Recently I had the opportunity to be with him for a couple of days, in an actual home. For once I felt like I experienced an actual opportunity to “live” with him. He cooked while I wash, he does his research while I entertain myself. We eat together, wash up together, shower together, watch TV and take naps together. That feeling of home is something I haven’t felt in a long time. It was so blissful I felt terribly emotional when I had to go home and couldn’t stay for the night.

When I was there, he prepared 3 meals…

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