I cant believe that I haven’t been her yet…


So Sunday me and my roommate went to two of the coolest places in Siena. Everyone else had already seen these amazing places because they are all in the Sienese art and Architecture class, and I’m not. I didn’t want to leave without going in these places so my roommate Elly graciously accompanied me there 🙂
The Duomo:

So a “duomo” is technically any church with a dome. The Siena Duomo is magnificent both inside and out. It was built in the Middle Ages when Siena was at its financial and political height. While constructing the nave the Black Plague ravaged the city and it was never finished. The Duomo was intended to be the biggest church in Europe, sadly the dream never came true.
While I was in the Duomo, I lit a candle and I really liked the plaque above the offering:

Here is what it says translated:

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