Agriturismo Nonno Dante- Castiglion Fibocchi (AR)

Nonno Dante è un ristorante fantastico capitanato dalla nostra amica Lucia e dai figli Giacomo e Valentina. Gli ospiti della Casa Vacanze Cappannelle adorano questo posto!!!!





Via Vardarno Casentinese, 5 – Loc. Gello Biscardo
52029 Castiglion Fibocchi – Arezzo
Guarda la Mappa qui

Telefono Lucia: 3394301535
Telefono Daniele: 3313717288

Email  :

Daniele 331 3717288
Lucia 339 4301535
Giacomo 339 8255874



Michela De Rosa
Proposto da
Ci sono stata…stavo cercando di caricare le foto del 1°maggio,ma non riesco😕…Comunque menu completo di antipasto toscano con crostini salumi buonissimi,primo di “strozzapreti”fatti da loro con asparagi e salsiccia,arrosto misto con patate e insalata,dolce,vino della casa caffè e amaro 28 euro!Ci tengo a sottolineare la gentilezza del personale e la bontà dei prodotti veramente ottimi!!!

Proposto da Cristina Righini

Ieri sera noi siamo stati a cena in un agriturismo a gello biscardo,si chiama nonno Dante. pur venendo da una famiglia che ancora porta in tavola i “sapori di una volta” e le ricette delle bisnonne,devo ammettere che dei ravioli così buoni non li avevo mai…

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Arezzo i Lucca

Thank you for coming in our airbnb in Tuscany. Cappannelle Holiday House. Marusca

Gluten Free by Me

The second half of our journey took us to the Province of Siena. Which I have to admit was my favourite! I can not put my finger on what exactly made this province magical but I instantly felt at home.

Our airbnb was located in Castiglion Fibocchi, which is a quaint little town but did not offer much in the way of dining options. So we took a 20 min drive to the old medieval town of Arezzo. I was amazed to find not 1 but gluten-free restaurants here! We chose to go to Miva due to the centrality of its location. Being as it was dark we did not want to traverse the winding cobblestone streets and not find our way back to the car!

The gluten-free menu consists of pasta, risotto, and meat dishes. They further have gluten free beer on the menu should you have reached your wine fill!…

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Tuscany (Italy)– love for life

We Love Tuscany- Cappannelle – Castiglion Fibocchi – Italy

Spicy Road

Tuscany combines original art, interesting architecture, rich culture a real natural specific scenic beauty with olive trees also has attracted tourists and visitors since the golden age of Michelangelo or Leonardo da Vinci and home of Petrarca and Dante Alighieri! No wonder that a lot of celebrities choose to live or purchase holiday homes right here – George Clooney, Roberto Cavalli or Helen Mirren…


  • FLORENCE – is regional capital with fabulous history with plenty of cathedrals, monuments and romantic places – do not miss UFIZZI GALLERY – is one of the world’s top art museum – over 1.5mil. visitors each year – you can admire Boticelli’s – Primavera and Birth of Venus or other masterpieces (Caravaggio, Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo..)!
  • PISA – you have a good opportunity to see the LEANING TOWER and enjoy charming streets with characteristic of different historical…

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Prologue to my blog

va vis deviens

(Yes, my blog has a prologue.)

I wrote these few initial entries when I first arrived in Addis Ababa.  However, severe internet challenges and the business of starting a new life have delayed me from posting them. Until now, almost five months after my arrival.

First though, why I want to write a blog:

I know everyone has been concerned about me, concerned about us.  We received such an outpouring of support and love from family and friends.  In the saddest of times, life can be at its most beautiful.

I know writing helped me through the last six months I spent in the U.S.  I would like to see if it will help me live the next two years more fully.  I cannot promise that I will keep it up, but I am going to try.

As if to further remind me of the power of writing, I attended…

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