Prologue to my blog

va vis deviens

(Yes, my blog has a prologue.)

I wrote these few initial entries when I first arrived in Addis Ababa.  However, severe internet challenges and the business of starting a new life have delayed me from posting them. Until now, almost five months after my arrival.

First though, why I want to write a blog:

I know everyone has been concerned about me, concerned about us.  We received such an outpouring of support and love from family and friends.  In the saddest of times, life can be at its most beautiful.

I know writing helped me through the last six months I spent in the U.S.  I would like to see if it will help me live the next two years more fully.  I cannot promise that I will keep it up, but I am going to try.

As if to further remind me of the power of writing, I attended…

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