Cappannelle: New Vineyard in Castiglion Fibocchi

 Step 11 Planting new grapevines


 Step 10 New Grapevines arrived – April 2017

Step 9  Almost Ready to Plant – April 2017

Step 8 Last works  – September 2016

Step 7 Soil plowing  – August 2016

Step 6 Leveling the field – July 2016

Step 5 Collection of old vines – June 2016

Step 4 The ground after the first plowing – June 2016

Step 3 Remove the plant vines with tractor – May 2016

Step 2 The Old Vine Plants cutted – April 2016

Step 1  We begin to cut the old vine plants – March 2016

Step 0  We have a DREAM: Plant a new Vineyard

It is not a simple dog it is simply Chicco



Chicco is the dog of Bianchi Family. It was born in Tuscany in the winter 2012, exactly on 16th january 2012. The meaning of the name is SWEET. All guests of Cappannelle Holiday House love him. And they call him with a english accent and they pronounce its name “Kikko” or “kicco”. It is a true STAR and my second daughter Alice is its best friend.

There are many stories about him. In the summer 2012 while an english family from Bath was arriving for a dinner with us, it did pee, for the big joy, on the leg of the english madame…. we were embarassed for this.

In september 2012 when Karin, a painter from New York City, came for 2 months from us, Chicco found another friend. Every day they met for playing together.

And all little children loved and love him, You can see from the pictures:



Best Supporting Actor






Travel to Italy Tip #4 | Travel to lesser known areas

Once in a Lifetime Travel

Le marche Ascoli Piceno in Le Marche

Another way to help save money and make your dream of travel to Italy come true this year is to think outside of the box.  The majority of tourists all travel to the same areas in Italy.  In major cities, the tourists can be found in the same concentrated places.  Of course there are the blockbusters to see, but aside from that you really don’t need to get caught up in the masses.  To increase your enjoyment, see more of the real Italy all while saving money, follow tip #4.

4. Travel to a Lesser Known Area

Most guidebooks lead people to the same places over and over.  When I travel I make sure not to miss the important sites and places that are a priority to me, but when I am done I make a beeline for the opposite direction of the other tourists.

An alternative to…

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Italie: 5 coups de coeur en Toscane

Ajoutez votre grain de sel personnel… (facultatif)

globe raconteuse

1) Louer une maison :

Pour découvrir la Toscane, rien de tel que de louer une maison ou une villa; ce qui permet de rayonner aisément dans la région et de vivre un peu plus comme les locaux… De cette façon, on apprend à connaître nos repères, les commerces et les gens du coin. Lorsqu’on voyage en famille (ou quelques couples ensemble), cette formule permet aussi d’économiser sur l’hébergement et les repas; ce qui ne nous empêche pas de goûter les spécialités locales, qui nous sont proposées dans les vinothèques, les boulangeries et les marchés locaux. De notre côté, nous avons loué une maison à Castiglion Fibocchi: un petit village situé dans la région du Val d’Orcia (à une dizaine de kilomètres de la ville d’Arezzo). Cet emplacement central nous a permis de rejoindre aisément les villages de Montepulciano et Cortona, la région du Chianti, de même…

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Florentine Cake Recipe

Florentine Cake Recipe
Florentine Cake Recipe

Hi Zoran,

Here under the recipe of the cake You enjoyed during the dinner:
Florentine Cake
  • 6 eggs
  • 500 gr. of sugar
  • 250 gr of flour
  • 250 gr. of potato starch
  • 1 glass of water
  • grated rind of 1 lemon
  • 1 packet of baking powder
  • few small pieces of butter
  • Mix all the ingredients (eggs and sugar, then add the water, the rind of lemon, the two types of sifted flours, and sifted baking powder).
  • Put everything in a cake pan (greased and floured to prevent sticking) and put over little pieces of butter.
  • Cook in hoven for approx. 1 hour at 180°C.
Enjoy the cake !!!
We really enjoyed the dinner together and hope there will be the occasion to meet You again (maybe in Paris, why not !).
Wish You all the best
Marusca and Gianni