Rondine and the Art Exhibit

Rondine is the city of the peace near cappannelle – castiglion fibocchi


This morning we loaded onto a double decker bus and drove to a place called Rondine. It was out in the countryside of Tuscany and had a very beautiful view and an exotic feel to it. When we got there we went into a giant tent to learn about the purpose of Rondine. This organization brings students from opposing conflict zones together in the same place so that they can see their “enemy” face to face and realize that they are an actual person. This program also allows these student to further their education even though their countries are in a state of conflict. It was very cool to see two people whose countries hated each other managing to be friends and see past the cultural lenses their respective societies have placed over them. Rondine is a good activist for what I believe is a very good cause. After Rondine…

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A Walk to Rondine

With Jennifer Browning Bianchi and her American friends we walked to Rondine “City of Peace”.

The landscape and the Tuscan countryside are extraordinary. It was a wonderful and unforgettable day.

Meeting My Enemy In Rondine, Italy — Edge of Humanity Magazine

Rondine is near to Cappannelle


Photographer Andrea Carboni is the Edge of Humanity Magazine contributor of this photo essay. From his project ‘A School For Peace‘. To see Andrea’s projects click on any image. Young people from different cultures and countries generally identified by history as enemies come to Rondine, a small village near Arezzo, […]

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