Cappannelle: New Vineyard in Castiglion Fibocchi

Step 14 Vineyard is growing

Step 13 The Vineyard is almost ready July 2017

Step 12 Little vines is growing – June 2017

Step 11 Planting new grapevines – May 2017


 Step 10 New Grapevines arrived – April 2017

Step 9  Almost Ready to Plant – April 2017

Step 8 Last works  – September 2016

Step 7 Soil plowing  – August 2016

Step 6 Leveling the field – July 2016

Step 5 Collection of old vines – June 2016

Step 4 The ground after the first plowing – June 2016

Step 3 Remove the plant vines with tractor – May 2016

Step 2 The Old Vine Plants cutted – April 2016

Step 1  We begin to cut the old vine plants – March 2016

Step 0  We have a DREAM: Plant a new Vineyard


Winery Visit 1

Fattoria La Vialla Winery near Cappannelle _ Castiglion Fibocchi


Our next vinification destination was Fattoria La Vialla. Much of what we encountered was similar to Pomaio, but it was still interesting and educational, and we tried many wines, including one from earlier in the process (before it was ready) which showed how important the first portion of the aging process is. They offered an impressive array of food, even without serving pasta as a main dish, and I did enjoy trying the different foods (cheeses especially) with the different wines. One of the wines, to me, tasted very noticeably of salmon/fish. Some people agreed with this, but I wonder if it was so strong for me because I had the first pour from the bottle. Some compound(s) could have risen to the top, giving it a different flavor profile. Unfortunately, I did not try any other samples of this wine so I can’t tell if it was just me…

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Dinner Invitation

Hi Marieke,

as promised here is the name of the dishes I prepared for You yesterday evening:

“Crostini neri” – the typical Tuscan starter with liver, capers, and anchovies;

“Crostini con salsiccia e stracchino” – the starter made with sausages and “stracchino” cheese (a creamy cheese);
“Panzanella” – the typical Tuscan salad made with bread (the hard one soacked in the water and squeezed) mixed with fresh vegetables (cucumber, tomato, celery, onion) and seasoned with extra virgin olive oil, salt and vinegar;
“Pecorino” – the cheese made with sheep’s milk and accompanied with figs jam.

First course
“Tagliatelle con salsa di pomodoro e salsiccia” – the homemade egg noodles with sauce made with tomato and sausages


Secondo course
“Arista” – pork meat seasoned with rosemary, sage and garlic
“Sformato di cardi” – flan made with thistles (added with besciamella sauce and egg)
“Patate arrosto” – roasted potatoes

“Torta di mele con crema” – apple pie with cream

We really enjoyed yesterday evening for the dinner ! Thank You for coming !

Have a nice evening !


Fattoria La Vialla: Il Birborosso

Another important resource of Fattoria La Vialla is the red wine

Cooking with Fabro

logo-fattoria-la-viallaA few years ago I was looking for good quality wine and came across a website. I subscribed and a few days later the catalog arrived. It came in a small box with a little present in it. The catalog was made out of recycled paper and the present was a branch of one of their olive trees. It was a nice surprise but didn’t really had a place to plant it. The “fattoria” has a really nice concept. They’re a CO2 neutral company, create bio products and work with recycled materials.

Once I started looking in their catalog, I noticed that they have a lot of wines (red, white and sparkling). But also some pasta, olive oil, sauces and cookies. All made by them with materials they produce themselves. I couldn’t decide so I ordered a pack with 7 of their red wines (they’ve more than 7 red wines but…

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【超級 Tuscany】by Wylie


Wylie's blog_#57

上週末的一次聚會中,選擇了一支較特別的葡萄酒作慶祝,是來自意大利的 Super Tuscany。究竟為何叫做這個名稱呢?

話說舊世界的產葡萄酒國家都有一整套特定的條例,由葡萄品種到種植和造酒過程都有一定的規管,才能夠在酒標上用上某種特定的級數。如在意大利,就分 DOC (Denominazione di Origine Controllata) 或 DOCG (Denominazione di Origine Controllata e Garantita)。如果不獲得認定的,就只能歸入次一等的 IGT (Indicazione Geografica Tipica) 甚至不獲評級。

七十年代開始,有一班富冒險精神的釀酒師就偏偏要於意大利托斯卡納的土壤上栽種由外國引入的葡萄品種,例如 Cabernet Sauvignon。這些挑戰常規的酒,不可能被列入既有的評級中,但卻造得越來越出色,而且有價有市,所以除了被列入 IGT 等級外,也會被冠以 Super Tuscany 的外號,這並非任何官方等級,但在價格上反映了這些酒的江湖地位,因為一些被追捧的 Super Tuscany 分分鐘可以比法國的列級酒庄出品還要貴,有機會的話,記得要試吓。

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