Arezzo i Lucca

Thank you for coming in our airbnb in Tuscany. Cappannelle Holiday House. Marusca

Gluten Free by Me

The second half of our journey took us to the Province of Siena. Which I have to admit was my favourite! I can not put my finger on what exactly made this province magical but I instantly felt at home.

Our airbnb was located in Castiglion Fibocchi, which is a quaint little town but did not offer much in the way of dining options. So we took a 20 min drive to the old medieval town of Arezzo. I was amazed to find not 1 but gluten-free restaurants here! We chose to go to Miva due to the centrality of its location. Being as it was dark we did not want to traverse the winding cobblestone streets and not find our way back to the car!

The gluten-free menu consists of pasta, risotto, and meat dishes. They further have gluten free beer on the menu should you have reached your wine fill!…

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