30th April-Prada Shopping

Prada Factory Outlet in Montevarchi is near to Cappannelle Holiday House


We are going to Prada Outlet aka near the FACTORY YAY!

So, we got up really early and to catch our train which leaves at 6.15am for Montevarchi. So, we chose Trenitalia. We arrived in Florence (Firenze) at 8.00am. The train will leave for Montevarchi at 8.15am and arrive at 9.15am.

We also had our breakfast in the small town which was awesome and quite cheap. The towners were friendly and it was a relatively quiet town which I kinda grown to love and atleast appreciate. Smokers would rejoice there cause cigarettes costs like 4,50 Euros. My husband clearly took advantage of that. He said Italy had the best ciggies out of the 3 countries we went. London’s ciggies was kinda heavy as you could taste the tar. That was his account as I am not a smoker so I was not able to “review” it.

We took a cab to Prada Outlet!…

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